Sunday, August 17, 2014

.....from my point of view

 Well...its been awhile since I've punched any words in on this blog, mostly because I have been a permanent fixture on my bike for the past little while. It has been 6 months and around 4,000 miles collectively since +Jason Byers +Ryan Anderson and I have began our training for the TNGA. Between family and work and all things in between we logged many of lonely solo miles, but we still managed to get a few overnights in regardless of our hectic schedules. Even when some of us couldn't shake the effects of the Troll Tavern!! I probably speak for all of us when I say thanks to our families for putting up with our constant bike riding, talking about gear and the general prep work involved in preparing for an adventure like this, especially for three regular dudes like us that have no idea what were stepping into.
 All that being said, thought I would leave a few pics of what the last 6 months looked like....from my point of view!